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The best cordless framing nailer is often used for projects involving the fixing of framing timbers. They may be used on home DIY projects, if major renovations are planned. They’re most often used on commercial job sites, where framing is a daily routine. A cordless model eliminates the struggle of using and moving a compressor around. Around the home, a cordless framing nailer is handy for a variety of DIY projects. Cordless framing nailers are becoming more popular among commercial contractors and DIYers alike, due to the convenience and ease of use.

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Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

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How Did We Choose The Best Cordless Framing Nailer?

On the job site, a cordless framing nailer model will make getting work done a simpler process, especially when power outlets are limited or are not available. Whether you want to take on some home projects like cabinetry or need a nailer for the job site, you should consider what to look for when choosing a best cordless framing nailer, before you buy. Here are some helpful tips on the most important features of cordless framing nailers.

Weight of Cordless Framing Nailer

Framing nailers are heavy-duty tools. Therefore, they tend to weight much more than finish nailers. However, a nailer that is very heavy may increase the likelihood of arm fatigue. This is a particularly important feature if you plan on doing plenty of nailing above your head.

Price of Cordless Framing Nailer

Heavy-duty framing nailers come in all price ranges. If you only plan on using the tool occasionally, you can get by with a cheaper model. A sturdy nailer for commercial or frequent use can cost up to $350. A model for occasional or lighter work can be bought for around $100.

Gas versus Battery powered

There are pros and cons of both gas-powered and battery powered cordless framing nailers. These are powerful tools for putting together timbers and framing. Gas powered models may last longer. But, the gas canister will need to be refilled periodically, which is time consuming. Some people don’t like the smell the gas powered models produce. Battery powered framing nailers can get the job done as well. But, they may need to be recharged frequently on longer jobs. If a battery powered model is preferred, it may be helpful to purchase an additional battery pack, so you won’t waste time on the job.

Angled nailers

Angled nailers are good for getting into tight spaces. On most framing jobs, they aren’t necessary. There are very few jobs that require an angled nailer. Angled nailers may produce less power in driving nails, due to their design. They are best used on interior building applications, such as cabinetry and flooring jobs.

Bump feature

The bump feature on a cordless nailer is useful for jobs that require multiple nails to be fired in a short time. The trigger is fixed, so the nailer will drive a nail every time the tip is pushed onto the surface to be nailed. A bump nailer is not a necessary feature in many cases. It can help alleviate arm and hand fatigue on jobs such as flooring and sub-floor installation.

Depth options

One important feature of cordless framing nailers is the ability to adjust the depth of nails driven. Overall, most cordless nailers tend to have more accuracy in driving nails to the desired depth, as opposed to air-driven nailers. Some cordless nailers have adjustment features, to make sure the depth is uniform every time a nail is driven.

Coil Versus stick style

Another decision to make when buying a cordless framing nailer is whether to select a stick style or coil style. This refers to the magazine that holds the nails. A coil style magazine holds more nails and is suitable for jobs where many nails are driven in a shorter time frame. For most jobs, however, a stick-style magazine is sufficient. A coil style can be useful for jobs where access to supplies may be limited.

Hand grips

While this may not seem like an important feature, a padded or rubberized hand grip can make a huge difference in a cordless framing nailer. Hand grips can help reduce arm and hand fatigue. They can also help prevent the hand from slipping off the tool. If a hand grip is important, make sure it’s ergonomically designed to fit your hand and feels comfortable in your hand.

If you want to know what to look for when choosing a best cordless framing nailer, you should consider the jobs you commonly work at, the amount of nailing to be done, and the specific conditions of the job sites where you’ll be working most often. Some job sites make it difficult to bring along supplies other than a tool belt. The length of time you will spend framing may also influence the decision on whether to buy a gas canister nailer or a battery powered model.

Price is an important aspect of a cordless framing nailer, when it indicates quality. If you want a reliable nailer for most framing jobs, expect to pay at least $300, or more. Price does not always indicate quality, however. To get the best value in a cordless framing nailer, you need to compare the same features and capabilities.

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