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The Stanley Bostitch MCN – 150 StrapShot Metal Connector nailer is a compact lightweight nailer (4.6 pounds), fitted with a rubber comfort grip; meaning that Bostitch MCN 150 is 50% lighter than competitive models for reduced fatigue and added maneuverability.

Are you hanging a picture on a wall or putting together a bookcase? A hammer is a perfect tool for that. Building a house and also installing hardwood floors or planning to put up a furniture repair shop? Then you’ll need a nail gun because a hammer won’t be enough.

Decking floors and ceilings? A joist hanger nail gun is also your best buddy. Joist hangers are designed to hold timber joints in place. it will also keep the decks and floors strong as the wood ages over time. Installing them properly requires the best nailer and we know also just the right one for you.

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The Bostitch MCN 150 StrapShot Nailer

More than that, it is equipped with an integrated fastener feeding system, as well as an exposed nail tip design to prevent misfires. And to assure fast and quick but also accurate and precise nail placement or application. This nailer has a built-in safety that forestalls the tool from firing when not placed properly into the connector hole, and it comes with hardened steel wear guards to protect the tool, and an adjustable exhaust to conveniently direct air away from the user.

This nailer ranks among the best in its category and is also offered at a really reasonable price.


Bostitch STRAPSHOT Metal Connector Nailer (MCN 150) is designed to be compact and also lightweight for comfortable long hours of work. The rubber comfort grip also contributes to a comfortable work time on projects. It has also a built-in safety feature that prevents misfires and an exposed nail tip for a more precise application.

  • Compact lightweight design (4.6 pounds) 50% lighter than competitive models
  • Fitted with rubber comfort grip
  • Powerful, drives 1-1/2-inch, 35-degree Paper Tape Metal Connector Nails
  • Equipped with an Integrated fastener feeding system (prevent misfires)
  • Has an exposed nail tip ( assures precision and accuracy)


On the other hand, the only disadvantages we could notice on this Bostitch drill are the plastic closers that might break easily. One must be careful while handling this tool. In addition, it is important to note that this nail gun cannot handle cold weather very well and will lose efficiency below 30 degrees.

Other than that, the Bostitch MCN 150 Metal Connector Nailer’s speed and performance are unquestionable.

Below is a summary of the disadvantages of the BOSTITCH MCN 150 StrapShot Metal Connector Nailer

  • Fragile plastic closers
  • Less efficient below 30 degrees

You can also read a full description of this product here.

Who should buy the Bostitch MCN-150?

Practically everyone can buy this tool: men and women likewise, since it is lightweight and comfortable, and doesn’t require much effort to handle and operate. It is great for construction and home improvement applications, also for building a deck, stairs, roof, or anything that needs straps. Also, having a cordless nailer can be a great complementary tool

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Images and Technical specifications

The technical specifications of the Bostitch MCN 150 StrapShot nailer are summarized in the table below:
Weight 4.6 LBS
Dimensions 10.5-inch x 4.6-inch x 11.5-inch
Nail Length Capacity 0.131-in. to 0.148-in. metal-connector nail
Nail Capacity
29 nails
Magazine Loading Side Load
Operating Pressure 80-120 psi
Thread Fitting Type 1/4″ NPT
Fastener Range 1-1/2 in. 35° Paper Tape Collated Metal Connector Nails

In addition, The Bostitch MCN-150 StrapShot nailer comes with a carrying case and many other small tools needed for most of the nailers that we use in our daily lives.


As far as the warranty is concerned, you can be totally assured, this Stanley Bostitch MCN-150 nailer is backed by a 7-year limited warranty also.

What people who bought the Bostitch MCN-150 have said

We have also gathered for you what other people who bought or used this Bostitch nail gun have said about it.

By J. Stephen 

“Quality tool. Used it for a couple of deck jobs and I must have hung 100+ joist hangers, it made the difference between making and also losing money. Paid for itself the first day in speed and effectiveness. I also used a swivel air hose connector for the tight areas. Great addition to my air tools”

By Pole Barn Builder 

“We run five crews building pole barns across the pacific northwest. We own 11 Bostitch Teko nailers and 5 Hitachi Teko nailers. The Bostitch guns are faster but they are useless below 35 degrees. Even with winter oil, air drier, antifreeze, bla bla bla we tried it all. The guns are crap in the cold. But awesome in the summer. At half the price of the Hitachi I still recommend if you don’t need ito use in the cold”

By Thomas Fandre 

“We recently purchased a bostitch MCN 150 StrapShot Metal Connector nailer to use in constructing a two-level treated lumber front porch on one of our rental properties. Also, The MCN 150, driven by a small pancake compressor, is a great time-saving tool for securing Simpson brackets with 1-1/2 inch galvanized bracket nails. We accurately secured 28 eight and ten-inch beam and joist brackets in less than ten minutes without smashing any thumbs or fingers and the nailer is small enough to get between 16-inch joists. The nailer allows you to do with one hand what normally takes two hands with a hammer and also nail keeping your other hand free to accurately position the brackets. A great addition to our pneumatic and also battery powered nailers”

By Matt 

“If you build decks or use a lot of hangers like hurricane clips that are required nowadays, this gun is a must. For the price you can’t beat it, it also does exactly what it’s supposed to do and the size is perfect. I purchased the larger gun that does the same thing with replacing the tip and liked it but the gun is huge, didn’t work well between joists so I broke down and bought this gun and love it. The other gun will only be used if I need two guys going together with hurricane clips, but the MCN 150 will do all of the grunt work. So, If you have the Rap-A-Nail gun the nails will work in this gun”

Final Opinion and Rating

The BOSTITCH MCN 150 StrapShot Metal Connector Nailer is compact lightweight and yet very powerful and also will undoubtfully provide a great added value. It is also suitable for practically everyone, and it can be used to attach different metal connectors professionally.

So now, We think it is one of the best nail guns in the market,  offered at almost half the price of comparable tools. It has an undeniably high price-to-quality ratio.

Our Final Rating is 4.5 stars.

The best price of the Bostitch MCN-150 Nailer

We crawl the web regularity to find the best price/reliability ratio for the products you need and we compare them with other products and marketplaces where you can easily buy these products.

So now, After extensive research, we recommend that you buy the Bostitch MCN 150 Nail Gun at Amazon, as they offer, in our opinion, the best price-to-reliability ratio.

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