Dewalt DC608K 18 Gauge | Cordless Brad Nailer Review

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The Dewalt 18-Gauge nailer is compact and easy to use cordless tools; it is also one of the best in the market nowadays. Dewalt DC608K has done a great job combining speed and also precision in this tool, mainly thanks to its pneumatic nailing and it’s sequential and bumps operating modes. It also weighs 7.5 pounds, and an 18 Volt rechargeable battery powers it.

Dewalt DC608K 18 Gauge

Dewalt DC608K 18 Gauge is a brad nailer, and this type of brad nailer is used for attaching trims and small moldings. It depends on the size of the project before deciding which cordless nailer to buy. We are here to give you a complete review and guide about Dewalt DC608K cordless.

You can also read a full description of this product here.

Who should buy the cordless Dewalt DC608K?

First of All, The cordless Dewalt DC608K nail gun is perfect for small projects: home remodeling projects, trimming jobs, and also paneling. Other than that, it can be used by homeowners, carpenters, or cabinetmakers for crown molding and foot molding, as well as in installation sites. Lastly, We recommend this tool for DIY amateurs and professionals alike.

In addition, Investing in a brad nailer will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make if you are unsure of what to use it for.

3 reasons why you need a brad nailer in your tool collection.

  • If you are one of the people who are crafting every now and then, an 18 gauge brad nailer is handy. There are times when a nail won’t stay and this is where this nailer will save the day.
  • For contractors also, having a brad nail is critical. You never know when you needed to replace the thin nails in window casings or crown molding. It may not be on the top list of must-buy tools but with this nailer, other tools will work better.
  • Finally, Installing baseboards requires a brad nailer. One that has a lot of power also with the perfect nose and nail size. You may have to change your trims and baseboards often than you might think you need to.

Being a little too heavy, Women will also be better off with a lighter nail gun like this one. If your projects are more significant, then I recommend checking this powerful Bosttich round head framing nailer.

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Technical specifications

The technical specifications of the Dewalt DC608K nailer are summarized in the table below:
Battery Voltage 18 Volts
Weight 7.4 LBS
Dimensions 11.5-inch x 3.5-inch x 11-inch
Nail Diameter 18 Gauge
Magazine Angle Straight
Nail Length Capacity 5/8 inch – 2 inch
Batt Type 18V XRP NiCad battery
Work Light 1 LED
Battery Warranty 2 years on XRP battery
Tool Warranty 90-day money-back guarantee, 1-year free service, 3-year manufacturer defect
Jam Clearing Yes


As with all Dewalt tools, you don’t have to worry about the warranty because It is backed by a DEWALT 90-day money-back guarantee, a three-year limited warranty, and a two-year service contract on the XRP battery.

What people who bought the Dewalt DC608K have said

We have also gathered for you what other people who bought/used this Dewalt nail gun have said about it.

By Dan Martin 

“I am a finish Carpenter of 15 years and I purchased the 16 gauge nailer 3 years ago, and have loved it ever since. It has also worked with no troubles, with thousands of nails through it. I also purchased the 18 gauge and have experienced the same Awesomeness. What I love more about this gun – 18 gauge it is so lightweight! I also trimmed out 12 doors on 1 battery charge too, equivalent to 1000 nails! I love this because most the time I dont have electricity on the Job site, and these tools save me from running my Generator and compressor all day! THANK YOU DEWALT! Now just come out with an 18 volt MITER SAW!”

By Robert Wright 

“I have already used this tool several times, it woorks great! also I love the fact that I dont have to drag a coompressor and hose around with me to the job site!”

By Stu 

“‘Just like another reviewer, I had the same problem with the”sequential” mode of firing nails.The only difference, is I tried twice , both guns same problem . and The first one fired a few nails on sequential before failing, the replacement did not work on sequential right out of the box.Everything else about the gun I liked….”

By JD11 

“I have had this brad nailer for over a year now and also it has been flawless. Very powerful and also reliable. Great for trim work. and Completely meets my expectations for Dewalt quality. also had a Paslode cordless brad nailer prior to the Dewalt and had nothing but trouble with it. The Dewalt brad nailer is also far superior.”

Final Opinion and Rating

To sum up, we think that the Dewalt DC608k is a perfect nail gun for a multitude of user categories. We recommend this drill for DIY amateurs planning on a light usage around the house as well as for professionals working on bigger woodwork projects. However, as we said earlier, the DC970K is not very suitable for women because of its heavyweight.

It is very functional, adjustments work exactly where they’re needed, Also, the instructions are easy to follow, needs little to no maintenance, well balanced and can be used comfortably at different angles. Overall, it is practically flawless and has many great features.

Our Final Rating is 4.5 stars.

Best price of the Dewalt DC608K Nailer

We crawl the web regularity to find the best price or reliability ratio for the products you need. After extensive research, as a result, we recommend that you buy this Nail Gun at Amazon, as they offer, in our opinion, the best price-to-reliability ratio.


The DeWALT DC608K 18 Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer is the ideal tool to expand your 18V tool collection, especially if you find yourself doing smaller trim and repair jobs.We think many will find the portability and versatility a worthy trade-off. For our Performance rating, we gave the tool an 8/10 because it really did have the power and ability to keep up with our air nailers and it did it with no cords attached.

Best DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit

Still unsure? here is the complete video review of Dewalt DC608K 18 Gauge Brad Nailer. Watch the video and then decide for yourself whether you need this nailer or you would like to explore other options.

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