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Working with a hammer to build a house will take weeks but with a porter-cable nailer, it takes a few days. They’re powerful and are very useful thus raising the productivity for a number of nailing applications. Time-saving tools are used to drive nails in different surfaces, from wood, concrete, and metal. Each nailer is specifically designed for various types of nail and uses. This has resulted in different types of nail gun projects. There’s a handful variety to choose from and the framing nailer is just one of them.


In addition, If you are working on wood siding, fence building, wood sheathing, or major carpentry, a framing nailer is the best one to work with. This type of nail gun is considered one of the heavy-duty nail gun. The former can hold more nails while the latter can only accommodate fewer nails but is not restricted by building codes.

Finding the right nail gun

The Porter-Cable FR350B 3-1/2-Inch Full Round Framing Nailer is in a class of its own. Its manufacturer also has numerous nail guns available on the market. This framing nail gun is one of their latest and also high-quality power tools. It features not only a new design but also an improved functionality that is ideal for woodworkers, carpenters, and DIY technicians.

Out of the box, the porter-cable nailer also measures 21.65 inches in length with a height of 14.76 inches. Also, this tool spots a magazine with a capacity of 60 nails at any given time, a 22 degrees magazine standard size to the drive axis. In addition, the FR350B is essentially a framing nailer that is capable of driving large nails of up to three and a half inches into solid wood with no hitches.


  • Product Dimension: 21 x 5 x 15 inches
  • Model Number: FR350B
  • Item Weight: 9 pounds
  • Power Source: Air-powered
  • Warranty: 1-Year Standard Warranty


Since you want to choose or buy the best nailer, you must consider also the advantages of this product. This framing nail gun also boasts a trigger lockout which alerts the carpenter on the appropriate time to reload the magazine. The comfortable grip features allow the user to carry on with the project without suffering from fatigue. Also, The 7.3 pounds is quite light if you take into account how much other framing nailers in the market weight. also, A 22-degree magazine translates to faster reloading time and less effort for more work. Finally, it is the minor additions such as the hanging rafter hooks that set the porter cable framing nailer apart from the competition.

  • Lightweight
  • A tool-free adjustable depth of drive
  • Selectable trigger with trigger lockout
  • Low misfiring rate
  • Includes hanging rafter hooks


You know the advantages, you should know the Disadvantages of Porter-cable. A common complaint by many users is the fact that they find the security feature on this device too sensitive, you have to be keen and also precise to get the proper adjustments. Another drawback is that the gadget is somewhat bulky and long. This factor also makes it cumbersome to operate in tight spots. The lack of carrying case might be a minor thing but it could’ve been better if the package includes one.

  • Sensitive security features
  • Too bulky and long
  • No carrying case

What people who bought the Porter-Cable FR350B have to say

We have gathered Amazon reviews of people who have bought/used this amazing porter-cable product. Find out what they have to say about this framing gun.

Jonathon Patrick Zink

“This is a great framing nailer and framers all know that, but the general public may not.

A careless DIY guy can get hurt by this tool, but if more guys realized how much faster things can get put together with this framing air nailer, used carefully, after reading all the safety and use instructions, there would be a lot more projects getting done in hours instead of never getting started or left unfinished.”

David J. Roberts

“Nailing 3" nails is a joy. Even with my limited handy guy skills, the nailer produces pro work. Studying a wall in minutes and it was straight as an arrow. Except for the occasional proud nail (usually my fault), I may throw my hammer away.

And no jams, or misfires... and only fails when it runs out of nails”

Scott Alan

“I love my new nailer! It was the last one I needed to complete my set. Works great with no issues at all. My only issue is with the product description on Amazon. It states that this nailer takes 22-degree nails, when in fact it takes 21 DEGREE NAILS! It wouldn't have been that big of a deal had I not ordered 4 boxes of 22-degree nails to go along with it. I guess that will teach me to wait until I have it in my hands to order accessories.”

G. Jacobs
“This is the first nail gun I have used and finally got around to buying one because the price was right. It is relatively light and worked just fine for me on a small project. I was working in a small space between ceiling joists where swinging a hammer would have been difficult. Not only was it fast and easy but it sank the 3" nail through the new 2x4 and into the old hard pine joist to the extent that the nail head was sunk slightly below the surface of the new lumber”

Greg Barnes

“So far I've only used this on 1 project and that is a white picket fence. I can only estimate, but I'd say it saved 3-4 hours of nailing time AND made life easier on my shoulders. I found the adjustable depth setting handy as the tips of the nails initially peeked out of the stud ever so slightly. The built-in "hanger" came in handle when moving rails and it rotates back out of the way once you are holding the nailer in hand.

I can only hope this lasts well into the future as I have many projects planned in the coming years, but for now, my review is based only on a few months of use.”

Spencer in Seattle

“I feel I should admit, right off the bat, that I bought my Porter Cable nail gun used on Craig's List. But that is part of my story because after using it to build my house, and then a tractor shed, also this nail gun is still awesome. In all of the use and abuse I've given it, it's only jammed once and misfired (two at once) two or three times. The jam was easy to clear.

I'm serious: this nail gun is a beast that just keeps on going. You can pay more for air tools, and I have (owning several Bostitch nailers for smaller gauge nails). But why bother paying more when this much cheaper nail gun does the job. I've used it day-in, day-out and have come to rely on it. A great nailer to be sure.”

Our Verdict

So now, Finally we can say that the Porter-Cable FR350B Framing nailer is packed with amazing features; and also it ticks all the boxes of a superb nail gun. It is easy to load also, lightweight, and has safety features something every nail gun should have. There are a few complaints but nothing major to make you reconsider buying this tool. 

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